My paintings come from my experience of landscape. I am challenged to paint a transient moment when a familiar place is visually transformed through changing light and atmospheric conditions. A moment when earth, sky, rock and water seem to merge as unified elements.

Having lived and painted for many years in Ballyvaughan, in the north Clare Burren, its landscape and that of Fanore and the Aran Islands continue to inspire my paintings. In mid-2014 we came to live in the Axarquia region of Andalucia, in an area known as the Sierra del Sud, because of its towering limestone mountains. These reflect changing light at different times of day in a similar way to the mountains of the Burren. The landscape here is rugged and beautiful. Earth colours of red oxide, siennas and ochres have given me a new palette to work with which is exciting for me as an artist.

At the higher altitudes of Alfarnate, Alfarnatejo and Pulgarin, the seasons are delineated and weather conditions and light impact dramatically on the landscape. After several days working with the intense colours of the Andalucian landscape, I feel drawn to put out on the palette the colours I associate with Clare: soft greys, olive and indigo, and from a well of memory I do a painting with a focus which seems more clear with distance.